Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Michelle - Down 2 sizes and 18 pounds

Wow. So I have been working very hard to drop all of this extra weight I've been carrying around the last couple of years and am very proud to say, even broadcast that I went from 172 to 154. I have a goal to get to around 145 and stay in that vicinity - so still about 10 pounds to go - but I can't tell you how much better I feel about myself and how big a difference it makes in feeling confident.

Here's how I did it (so far):

1) Eat WAY less. Typically I have 2 slices of toast (diet bread at 40 calories each) with 1 tbsp (that's 1/2 a serving) peanut butter with coffee for breakfast. For lunch, I usually have a cup of soup (I measure it - a can has 2 or more servings - don't eat the whole can) with rice crackers or rye crisps, a wedge of Lite Laughing Cow cheese and an apple. I also only eat low sodium versions of soup - writing down what I eat everyday and weighing everyday I have learned EXACTLY what makes me fat. For me it's salt and sugar. Dinner depends on my schedule as I may only have time for a Lean Cuisine (nothing over 325 calories). If I don't have a show, I'll eat very specific portions of fish or chicken (3 oz) with a full cup of steamed vegetables and something like brown rice or couscous. I also cut way back on alcohol - another food group that really sends the scale tipping.

2) I'm active EVERY. DAY. I either work out on the elliptical machine, do a pilates routine (sometimes both) or I am in a very physical sketch comedy show that includes dancing, running around and a scene where I have to hold my arms up the sides (straight out) for about 5 minutes (this has been a huge help!)

3) I am dilligent in making healthy choices at restaurants. Less a slip or two here or there I will order grilled vs. fried, fruit vs. fries, salad vs. sandwich, etc.

4) I didn't get carried away during Thanksgiving and worked out on Thanksgiving. No seconds (of anything).

5) I eat an apple a day. It's full of fiber and requires a lot of chewing which helps me to feel full and satisfied.

6) I eat my meals sitting down, and chew slowly.

7) I do not eat while I cook. I chew gum.

8) If I'm hungry I will drink a full glass of water - I believe I have minsinterpreted thirst for hunger my whole life.

9) I try not to ever eat late. (I've slipped here a couple of times because I couldn't eat before shows that I'm in, but for the most part I'm done eating by 6:00.)

10) I have publicized and shared my diet plans and progress with supportive friends and now here too. This accountability helps me to stay focused and the possible embarrassment of gaining the weight back would be that much worse.

Here's to celebrating the holidays not worrying about what I'll wear. I have a new red dress that is 2 sizes smaller than last years hanging within view of my exercise machine. It reminds me of what I've been working for and don't want to see slip away again. I had to ask the saleslady twice to bring a different size - what a happy day.