Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I pH

My Facebook and Twitter accounts have been completely pH only lately. There's GOOD reason for it! See after 10 years of being a nomadic theater company, we finally were able to sign our first lease. We finally can put pH on the door - this is no small thing. We, the "pHamily" have worked SO VERY HARD to see this day - but we must continue to ask for your support. The new space is an empty shell - ready to host a zajillion infinity laughs and good times - but not yet ready to open - we need lights, soundboard, chairs, toilet paper...everything. 
So, what I thought I needed to do was share my personal pH story. So here it is. If it speaks to you at all, please consider dropping us a few bucks. We are fighting hard to keep our dream alive - every little bit helps. The link to donate is:

As a woman in my mid-thirties I am often asked if I have children,
and if not, do I plan to have some? I hardly know how to respond these days. At the heart of it, the answer is, I already have a child, her name is pH. She is beautiful,  smart, caring, creative, special, complicated, tenacious and loves me unconditionally. She provides unfaltering support, structure, protection, opportunity, and purpose in my life. I have made sacrifices for her - like quitting a very lucrative high profile job to work from home so that I might spend more time with her. I have made compromises and sacrifices n my personal relationships in order to do right by my "child". I make these choices without regret, and have been paid back in spades with more love, more friendship, more artistic growth and more confidence than I ever would have realized otherwise.  If I ever do have children, pH would heartily embrace them and accept them into the beautiful patchwork of special individuals that make up our pHamily.

Some personal highlights of my pH time: (Black Swan at Zombie Pub Crawl, feeling pHamily vibes NYE '10, hosting pHucked as Kim Kardashian and Andy Rooney.)