Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Announcement: Twitter Your Life! Get More Connected.

Whoever said that technology would be the demise of human connections clearly doesn't have a Twitter account. You can find deeper understanding and strengthen human ties by embracing the multitude of electronic platforms by which to reach out, reach out and touch someone.

Yesterday I was checking Twitter when I learned of Diablo Cody's pregnancy, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy's breakup, and Mo Collins' recent heartache. Now, I don't "know" these people, but I see that they are just human, like me. I somehow feel like I'm more a part of the universe simply, because I learned about these things that they obviously wanted to share - from them - not Billy Bush or TMZ.

Making me feel even more connected, I saw that I had received some new comments on a very personal blog I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Posted yesterday was a very profound and touching comment from a cousin I don't think I've ever really spent more than several hours with over the course of both of our lives.

I was completley humbled and grateful for her honesty and courage to share her story. I see that we have so much in common - and feel closer to her than I ever thought possible.

A simple blog has brought us closer together, and forged a relationship based on common interestes and feelings - some of them that we'd probably never bring up around a Thanksgiving table.

There is a whole world of people that share their lives (everything from burning their morning toast to relationship woes and medical struggles). In some cases - I wonder why (even for myself) anyone would choose to "air their dirty laundry"?

But I always find myself thinking - maybe there are others that feel the same way I do? Maybe there isn't another person brave enough to say what isn't being said? Maybe I could help?

Here's the thing - in most cases - it's not even really dirty laundry. It's just life. And "social" media is all about connecting and sharing. All you have to do is put your story out there - and you'll soon find out (sometimes in the most surprising places, like in your very own family) that there are other people with wonderful advice and wisdom to impart.

Go ahead and share. It's good for your heart, your mind, your well-being.