Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Politicians! Stop Cutting Down Trees

It's election time - this is NOT a political post by the way - and I'm wondering...what notes were these guys taking when Barack Obama (like him or not) demonstrated the incredibly effective (reach millions, seems like 1:1) and efficient (CHEAP and easy) use of social media to get out communications?

Everyday our mailbox is completely stuffed with full color, card stock grade direct mail pieces from dueling politicians. NONE of which are ever read in our household. *The picture above is only from 2-3 days.

Here's why:
1) I assume you're out of touch if you think direct mail or the phone is how to reach me.

2) We are green - and your full color brochure on heavy card stock is a display of irresponsible use of resources and money, not to mention very out of date.

And here's another picture with a full size one subject notebook to give you perspective on the LARGE size of these pieces.

And we get double the mailings and phone calls- one of us is a registered Republican, the other a Registered Democrat, so we're hit twice as hard.

Also, understand that this stuff actually impacts who people choose.

Social Media is the same as you handing me that banana by the train Alderman Moore, only less creepy. We can "have a conversation" only I don't feel ambushed, free breakfast or not, on my way to work. Now, politicians are ambushing our phone lines and our poor little mailbox - which is really only used for sending and receiving thoughtful cards and thank you notes.

I know you won't see this, but if you do, please, try some online campaigning. Save a tree!

And just FYI, here is a list of all of the politicians who sent this stuff and the number of pieces:
Worst Offender - Heather Stean(D) - State Senator Race(4 pieces - 2 of each) Largest format.
Bridget Gainer(?) - Commissioner Race (1) Large format.
Dan Hynes(D)- Governor Race (1)
Yehuda Lebovits(D) 9th Judicial Subcircuit Judge Race 1 - Heaviest card stock.
Mark Kirk(R) - Senate Race (1)
Mariyana T. Spyropoulos(?) Commissioner Race (1) IRONY AWARD, her mailer talks all about her dedication to providing clean water, conservation and FOREST PRESERVATION.
Todd Connor(D)Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (1) Another IRONY AWARD "He's protected our environment while protecting our country."
Stella Black(D)Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (1) Smallest format mailer received.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have YOU Laughed Today?

I have indeed. In fact I "laugh" everyday.

That's a reference to those (sort of) cute commercials for Lite Laughing Cow Cheese (so good and that little wedge goes much further than you'd think!)

As you may know from reading the blog I've lost some weight. I have been receiving really nice comments from friends and they all want to know what I'm doing. Well, it's not a pill, packaged food, motivational plan, cult, or pact with the devil. It's old-fashioned eat less, exercise more. A lot less and a lot more too.

I also get asked what I eat really often, so here is a typical day:

Coffee (splash skim, 2 Splenda) x 2 or 3 depending on the day
2 pieces of "Very Thin" Pepperidge Farm bread (40 cal. each)
1 tbsp peanut butter (105 calories)

2 Rye Crisps (50)
1 Lite Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge (35)
1/2 slice thin ham, turkey or chicken (about the size of a post it) (about 50)
Lettuce (10)
Pepper Ring (10)
One cup soup (nothing over 100 calories, also low sodium)
Carrots (25)
Celery (10)
7 almonds (35)

3 oz. chicken, fish, beef, pork, portabello mushroom (depends)
cup of steamed vegetables (usually less than 50 cal. - no butter, maybe lemon juice)
1/4 cup rice (half or less of what a serving is) (cal. depends)


Sometimes a cookie, or a piece of chocolate from the freezer. A lot of times nothing.

If it's not coffee, then it's water. ONLY. NO juice, no soft drinks, no alcohol (most days, but yeah, the occasional glass of wine here and there and I go out like a normal person.)


Rotate between :30 - 2:00 hour elliptical sessions throughout a week with about 3 days being 2 hours and 3 days being 1 hour and 1 day being :30 minutes.

I also do Pilates occasionally (on a 1 hour or less elliptical day) and often walk to a train stop that is a little further to add more movement.

Do I cheat? Of course! But do I make up for it with a super tough work out? YES. And go much lighter on food the next day.

But the more I live this new lifestyle, the more I find I automatically make better choices, and actually don't feel well after eating "junk".

And I'm at a place where I'm seeing results. Clothes that haven't fit in years suddenly slip right on. Zip right up. Button right down. And that makes me laugh!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's the End of the World...Where's Your Sterno?

Coming to you from Starbucks again. Big fat snowflakes falling outside. Productivity at a high today considering I'm completely and utterly sick and also have hurt my back. But - luckily it's the kind of back injury that only hurts when I sit or lay down, or cough, or laugh, or breathe too deeply - so you know, nothing to worry about!
The view of the snowfall outside and my list of things to do is helping me to not think about my back - and the hilariously goofy conversations happening behind me at the counter by the 22-year old worker and his wiser, more life-experienced manager, (23 1/2) are keeping me entertained.
I have a curious likeness for the younger one because his tangled coal black hair and modest size remind me of Dave Bielanko from Marah. He also is wearing his Starbucks hat askew on his head, but this may very well be because he's so small, and it simply doesn't fit him. Or he may be a douchebag, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt today.
Today seems light and serene compared to the restlessness and weird dreams of last night. Likely brought on by my insistence in watching a program called "Apocolype Man" on the History Channel. This ex-marine guy shows you all these survival tips for when it's the end of the world - like how to break into a hospital and generate power to charge the car battery you will surely find at an abandoned gas station and how to effortlessly swing from a tire iron and rope to cross a bridge into a city to find supplies.
Yikes. I'm not gonna make it in an apocolypse.
First, even with my workouts (2-5 pound weights!) I don't think I'd be able to carry a car battery around on my back for very long before chucking it for something more immediately my makeup bag. Second, I don't think I would be able to climb to the top of a building to find rainwater to drink (which I will sterilize using a can of Sterno I'll easily find in an abandoned house) because I'm really afraid of heights.
So as this guy is doing all these incredible things and talking about his experiences in POW training I resign myself to the fact that I will not make it under these conditions. Then the program ends and I'm not feeling too bad because I see a commercial for a program about Nostradamus and it says the world will probably end in 2060 and I do the math and realize I'll probably be too old to care and will go down like that old couple in Titanic. There's some dignity in that. But the new show coming on declares that the end of the world is actually Dec. 21st, 2012. Oh. That's coming up soon. I mentally start a list - tire iron, rope, book on how to tie knots, sterno, canned food, water, make friends with car thief to learn how to hotwire a car, up weights to 5-7 pounds, etc. What's really scary is how much of history is pointing to either of these dates actually being real days to worry about. I won't get into that here - I haven't really read about the subject - only watched some shows and did see 2012 (add "learn to fly plane" to list) but I just worry that there might actually be something to this...and I wonder how worth it would it be to try and survive. But then a couple of homeless people walk by me and my back stiffens. I covertly slide my purse under my foot, closing myself off and creating an aura of invisibility around myself and realize maybe I have just a little more fight than flight than I realized.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ugh - So Hard to Come Up With Ideas Sometimes!

So I've helped myself out for the next several blogs to come (unless I have something fun to report!)

I'm always coaching my clients that if they don't think they have anything to say - just make up a top 10 list - they are easily consumed, don't require much time to put together and are perfect for sharing.

So I took my own advice today and prepared this:

10 Top Top 10 List Ideas:

10 Ways to Stay at Home and Not Spend Money
10 Surprising Pajama Options
10 Tips for Maneuvering Quietly with Back Pain
10 Things that Smell but Work Really Well (inspired by above)
10 Reasons Why Getting Older is Not Going to Win Me a Date with Rob Pattinson
10 Ways to Blow Your Diet After Midnight
10 Interesting Subjects to Bring Up with a Person Who is 8 Months Old, Cries a Lot and Lives Above You
10 Excuses For Why the Mailman Comes at a Different Time Every Day
10 Ways the UPS Man Stays on Schedule
10 Worst #1 Answers to a Top 10 List

Vote for the list you'd like to see first kids!