Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reading, Writing, & Arithmatic

Books have taken over my home. Solution: Kendall. Which has taken over my bank account. The ability to purchase a book in one click is genius - and dangerous.

I've recently joined my first book club, which is composed of actual published writers, an educator, a communication specialist, a media attorney...and me. (One of these things is NOT like the other things - and I'm finding my role as court jester fun and fitting.)

The Writing part of this post is this post. And my need to get back to it. I'm afraid to revisit the book I started last summer - fearing it was all just crap and not worth anyone's time including my own. Hoping I might surprise myself when I finally am brave enough to click the file open and reread.

Arithmatic - Tax season, need I say more? And expense reports. And theater company grant proposals and plans. Oddly, this is the part of my life that has been most exciting. I guess number crunching isn't so bad when it's to make dreams come true. Even though it's true "math is hard" and I'd "rather go to the mall." But the mall is online now, so at least I save on gas.

Short post. But hey look, I did it!