Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowball Season

It started with a commercial I saw for $26/sq. ft granite.

Seems harmless enough, a great improvement at a great price. So we went for it, finally replacing our out of date counter tops with custom granite. Of course that also meant a new double sink and then why not also upgrade the faucet while we have a plumber at our disposal? Well now the cabinet pulls look really outdated. Why not replace all 29 of those guys? But look, now the doorknobs don't match. And hey - did you ever notice how much more light we'd get if we just finally went to a flat screen? But where do we put all of the DVDs and remotes and stuff that are in the gigantic entertainment center we don't want in our house but don't want to get rid of? Not in the current storage unit, it's too small and so we need to get a bigger one to hold more stuff. Now what do we have to put the new TV on? Nothing? So we need something smaller and shorter. Great found it, but it doesn't solve our storage problem. Hey did you notice this coffee table? It would look really great with that new TV stand. And look, two smaller media cabinets that can go on each side of the fireplace. Ah, the room looks great - except did you happen to notice that now the windows are more prominent these blinds have to go? And the sills need to be painted. But the same color as the kickers on the foyer steps. And did you notice that the carpet on the landing in there is dirty again? No - because I was looking at the flooring in the hallway on the way there - it's really time to upgrade. And the baseboards need to be replaced. Look at this door jam, it's coming apart from being slammed. Mostly because you were being cheap and wouldn't let me look at granite slabs so I slammed the door when I was drying my hair.

Which needs a trim...