Friday, October 2, 2009

No Olympics. Good. No constant reminder that in 7 years I will be old as hell.

Okay, so I was sporting my Chicago 2016 orange tee shirt provided to me by, well probably me (tax dollars HARD at work), thinking I would be wearing it until at least 11:30 or so, but no such luck.

Chicago didn't make it past the first round. Down to Madrid and Rio (which I really hope it goes to Rio now...since it's never been there before). The excitement prematurely snuffed out and a depressed weekend ahead for many. (Glad I'll be out of town, actually.)

Wondering what this is saying to the rest of the world about our town. Also wondering, how much money did we lose trying to get this?

I mean they really spared no expense. Even this free t-shirt is long-sleeved, and a good brand.

I was on the fence about it...mostly because hopefully by 2016 we'll be long gone, having settled nicely into our Manhattan digs with Chicago events and worries only of moderate interest to us. But who knows? Perhaps we would have still been here - it would have been intesting for both Rob (a news producer) and me (a performer) to be able to work with all of that material.

Perhaps this just lit a torch under both of us to high-tail it out of here.
Have a great weekend!

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