Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News! And Stuff...

Two things - First, sorry I haven't been writing much here lately. I've been busy opening a new sketch comedy show at Second City (it's called Breast in Show, runs Saturdays at 10:30, and tickets are $15.00), spending a lot of time with my "pHamily" of pH Productions, and working hard for my clients.

Also - I have started my second book. (The first you might remember is a children's book - which is still in editing, illustration, and proposal mode.)

The new book is a novel about a Kallen, a woman in her 30's who is facing what all of us do as we age: Sagging, regret, success, and understanding.

The impetus for the book is an approaching birthday - one that will say I'm officially "in" my 30's and I am not at all looking forward to it.

Kallen is going to take care of any remaining regrets, wishes, insecurities and other adventures that I may never get to do, or even ever pursue. (Dating a younger man for instance - I'm happily married.)

She is, of course, skinnier, smarter, and more self-sufficient than me, and will hopefully help to take me to a brave new place in my own life. She is already finding her own voice and I am quickly falling in love with her and hoping publishers and potential readers will too.

Here is a tiny sneak peak:

“Kallen, we can swing this on our own. Can you imagine finally seeing the entire billable invoice in our own names?” he said.

“David, there’s a lot of stuff that we have to…” I interjected.

“Stop worrying. Hey pull over here. I’m downstairs.”

“Who are you talking to? You’re here?” I asked.

“Cab driver. Your message sounded so urgent I just told the cabby to drive me right over to your place. You don’t have any cats do you? I’m allergic.”

Why would he think I have cats? He thinks I’m old. He thinks I’m gross. I’m like his mentor. Which sounds really close to mother. Oh God. I am a first class idiot. Pathetic.

Wait. I don’t have a cat. Halleluia!

“No cat. I hate cats. Aloof bastards. Just me. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll come down. We’ll go across the street and grab a drink” I directed.

“What, I still can’t see the lair?” he asked.

Please don’t let that be a cougar reference.

“Hot women never let me upstairs during the day time” he whined.

“Oh, I’m sure some would.” I consoled.

Shit! Was that bold or cougary?

“Okay. I’ll grab us a seat. Five minutes. I’ll get you a Dirty.”

“Extra Dirty” I corrected.

He knows my drink! Well, sort of. I should probably order Rum and Diet Cokes after that one though. I won’t even be able to get earrings on tomorrow after all of that sodium.

I jam by finger on the End Call button and run to the bathroom. Oh dear gawd. One look in the mirror reminded me of just what that ten year age gap looks like.

Secondly, I have been spending a ton of time It's basically paper dolls for grown women but much cooler. You can add anything you want to your "sets" including music and backgrounds. I have even created a few outfits for Kallen there.
Click here to see my collections. It's addicting!
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Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the preview...and if you get hooked on Polyvore too, share your sets with me!

Thanks for reading - I really, really appreciate it, you're lovely.


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  1. I really like the preview - I want to read more!!!