Friday, September 4, 2009

Mindless Junk for a Friday Before a Holiday Weekend!

Greetings! It's the Friday before a holiday weekend, and if you haven't already left work, you're farting around the web before you get that awesome email from "HQ" letting you know you may leave early today.

Here's some mindless junk to enjoy and pass the time before you get out of there.

1) Michelle Dugger has finally updated her hair. Jesus is real. Just in time for baby 19. I think perhaps I should pray more - I mean 19? I wouldn't mind just the one! Anyway. I like the Duggers. Those kids are amazing. They built their own house, then took those skills and built a huge addition to another giant family's house. What did YOUR kids do today? I'm just saying. Weird, sure. But they seem pretty normal in their interviews...I mean they have a sense of humor. And I really don't care if they're brainwashed, a well-behaved child is a beautiful child. Also, there's no denying that (I mean aside from the 19 babies) that Jim Bob and Michelle have some serious chemistry. I think that's refreshing. Especially since a lot of couples act more like Jon and Kate.

2) Labor Day Pains. It's the last weekend of the "summer" so end of season parties and sales abound. It's an odd place to be when you don't really see any "end in sight" to your current situation (more on that later). I've noticed that a lot of people are quite depressed (well, those who do not have school age children). It is sad, especially when you live in Chicago and the doom and gloom of winter will be upon us too soon. I happen to like the Fall (I know - that's crazy talk), it's my favorite season - I love the chance to finally throw on jeans and a long-sleeve tee shirt. I love the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. I love the non-sound of children playing during the day because they are off to school. It's not the fall and winter I dread, it's the March-May time here when the weather is snowy, slushy, rainy and the rest of the world is warming up and green.

3) Sabbatical Update: In the running for a couple of things - all very different. It's a wait and see situation, and one that I am more than happy to wait and see on. I've been very busy with my sabbatical activities and kind of dread having to make the inevitable decision on where and when I will return to the rat race. (And if I will have to). I have completed my manuscript for Louisa and the Circle of Hugs...and will be sending that off to potential agents/publishers next week. I got new headshots which I am absolutely thrilled with...we'll see if that gets me anywhere. I feel like so many things are on the brink, yet so far I am still firmly planted on the edge of change. I imagine the next several weeks will be very interesting for me and will (hopefully) present a lot of choices. It's a good place to be...but also I feel more pressure than ever to make the right choices for myself. I am proud that I have actually succeeded in getting myself into this position in the first place. I feel like I've taken full advantage of my time and really focused on my own wants and needs. But, the dwindling savings account causes a little bit of discomfort (still have 4 months saved), but does not yet lead to panic.

4) Anybody else getting tired of this lady?

She's EVERYWHERE! Don't get me wrong. She's got that "girl next door" thing going selling us everything from KY Warming Gel to Blinds to Pepto...but seriously, how will I ever break in if they only use the same actresses over and over???? A few years ago it was this blonde chick with a flippy haircut? She hosted While You Were Out for about 2 shows and disappeared for a bit. She was everywhere, but then poof gone. This Erica Shaffer person has proven to have some serious staying power. Good for her, I guess, but I just wish advertisers would open it up for a little more variety. Like chubby red-headed people who make weird faces???? (I'm available!)

5) PLUGS! If you're in the Chicago area, come see some really good improv this weekend. (Redeye, Reader and Yelp Recommended!) Visit and click "Who's playing". I'm up twice tonight (both the 8 PM and 12 AM shows and next Friday for the 12 AM show.)

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