Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have YOU Laughed Today?

I have indeed. In fact I "laugh" everyday.

That's a reference to those (sort of) cute commercials for Lite Laughing Cow Cheese (so good and that little wedge goes much further than you'd think!)

As you may know from reading the blog I've lost some weight. I have been receiving really nice comments from friends and they all want to know what I'm doing. Well, it's not a pill, packaged food, motivational plan, cult, or pact with the devil. It's old-fashioned eat less, exercise more. A lot less and a lot more too.

I also get asked what I eat really often, so here is a typical day:

Coffee (splash skim, 2 Splenda) x 2 or 3 depending on the day
2 pieces of "Very Thin" Pepperidge Farm bread (40 cal. each)
1 tbsp peanut butter (105 calories)

2 Rye Crisps (50)
1 Lite Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge (35)
1/2 slice thin ham, turkey or chicken (about the size of a post it) (about 50)
Lettuce (10)
Pepper Ring (10)
One cup soup (nothing over 100 calories, also low sodium)
Carrots (25)
Celery (10)
7 almonds (35)

3 oz. chicken, fish, beef, pork, portabello mushroom (depends)
cup of steamed vegetables (usually less than 50 cal. - no butter, maybe lemon juice)
1/4 cup rice (half or less of what a serving is) (cal. depends)


Sometimes a cookie, or a piece of chocolate from the freezer. A lot of times nothing.

If it's not coffee, then it's water. ONLY. NO juice, no soft drinks, no alcohol (most days, but yeah, the occasional glass of wine here and there and I go out like a normal person.)


Rotate between :30 - 2:00 hour elliptical sessions throughout a week with about 3 days being 2 hours and 3 days being 1 hour and 1 day being :30 minutes.

I also do Pilates occasionally (on a 1 hour or less elliptical day) and often walk to a train stop that is a little further to add more movement.

Do I cheat? Of course! But do I make up for it with a super tough work out? YES. And go much lighter on food the next day.

But the more I live this new lifestyle, the more I find I automatically make better choices, and actually don't feel well after eating "junk".

And I'm at a place where I'm seeing results. Clothes that haven't fit in years suddenly slip right on. Zip right up. Button right down. And that makes me laugh!

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