Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ugh - So Hard to Come Up With Ideas Sometimes!

So I've helped myself out for the next several blogs to come (unless I have something fun to report!)

I'm always coaching my clients that if they don't think they have anything to say - just make up a top 10 list - they are easily consumed, don't require much time to put together and are perfect for sharing.

So I took my own advice today and prepared this:

10 Top Top 10 List Ideas:

10 Ways to Stay at Home and Not Spend Money
10 Surprising Pajama Options
10 Tips for Maneuvering Quietly with Back Pain
10 Things that Smell but Work Really Well (inspired by above)
10 Reasons Why Getting Older is Not Going to Win Me a Date with Rob Pattinson
10 Ways to Blow Your Diet After Midnight
10 Interesting Subjects to Bring Up with a Person Who is 8 Months Old, Cries a Lot and Lives Above You
10 Excuses For Why the Mailman Comes at a Different Time Every Day
10 Ways the UPS Man Stays on Schedule
10 Worst #1 Answers to a Top 10 List

Vote for the list you'd like to see first kids!


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