Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starbucks Hour by Hour

Greetings loyal followers, friends, relatives and passers by!
I've been sitting in a Starbucks for a few hours now (nursing my extravagant grande skinny vanilla latte so as not to come off too moochy). I have to tell you, this place becomes a completely different scene every hour. Hour one, the soundtracks to both Dirty Dancing and Shag play loudly waking up the weary 9-5ers and coercing them to their trains, desks, and responsibilities.
Music shifts around 10 to the Paul Simon Graceland album (start to finish). I realize that I should always type to "Obvious Child" as I crank out 3 pages in record time.

Luckily today has been very productive. Since my morning interview (for some freelance writing) was cancelled, I cranked out three (3!) sketches and also got myself out of the house. My main task today is to put the finishing touches on Louisa and the Circle of Hugs(C) and finally pack her up and off to publishers! Only a page and half left to go! (Look, it's not a Harry Potter 400 pager; it's a young child's book for dealing with death and dying so a page and a half is both heavy and long to me).

In other news (as I shift in my hard chair - you'd think with an ass the size of mine I wouldn't be uncomfortable anywhere, but even with all of my padding this chair is keeping me at nun-approved posture), I have (maybe) acquired an "AGENT". Yes, this is extremely exciting and I am doing everything they tell me to make my shot of getting a shot more likely. Starting with new headshots. Or "headshits" as I keep erroneously typing on my stupid, loathsome iPhone. I have been set up with someone who goes by one singular name for this. I have never in my life actually met a person with only one name until now and I am already feeling very Hollywood. Turns out he's extremely nice, normal and has a great sense of humor. I'm really excited about this. His only recommendation for my "look" is to acquire a "side bang". I sincerely hope he was referring to the long side-swept version and not some freaky hipster Chrissy Hynde thing (which by the way she pulls off no problem, me not so much).

Speaking of anyone else also becoming annoyed by Kristen Stewart and her "method" impersonation of Joan Jett? In preparing for the upcoming Runaways biopic, she seems to be attempting to embody the coolest rock chick in history with a total lack of earnestness. Seriously, we already know you're not that cool, you've signed on to what is today's equivalent to the Sweet Valley High franchise. I know, I know I'm setting myself up for a barrage of attacks from some seriously hating 13-year olds with bedroom furniture fancier than mine, but you know what? Suck it vampire teeny-boppers. Anyway, Kristen: Stop being such a dumbass when you get interviewed. You'll be really embarrassed later when you look back.

Needing to wrap this up...the Bucks has gone into "smooth jazz mode" which means my right foot is asleep from sitting on it all day and I need to casually shake out the pins and needles without drawing attention to myself.

Hey, do me a favor and comment...let me know if you're still digging the blog and what you'd like to see more of!


  1. Ilove the blog! we are both so busy that it is hard to keep in touch and with the blog it is like having a quick conversation with you. All of my friends have been after me to blog I am thinking about it but have not made up my mind at this point. I am so proud of you for getting an agent you have acomplished so many of the things you have always wanted to do. here is a toast to all the things the future has in store for both of us. .

  2. I enjoyed the blog and have developed a new appreciation for Starbucks. "Obvious Child" is from "The Rhythm of the Saints" - a common oversight.

    Keep reaching for the stars.

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  4. The joys of doing work at a coffee shop. It makes me nostalgic for Tate St. Coffee (you weren't a Cup a Joe person were you?). Latley my cousin and I have been getting things done at a local café called Cocoa Bar. It's quaint and has free WiFi. Check out what I did there last week:
    It takes a minute to load, so be patient.
    Anyway, I love the blog. And keep up the good work.