Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday - Just another day

Greetings! Perhaps you're hopping on at lunch. How much time is too much time to spend online?

A recent medical study found that children have hit an all time low for Vitamin D deficiency (lowest since before they started adding it to milk). Scientists and doctor's think it's because they aren't spending enough time outside...without sunblock. A person should get 10-15 minutes of sun (without sunblock) a day according to the report. Crazy! I guess that means this will be a short post and that I need to get outside today!

I was up until 3 AM painting the bathroom which is still being renovated. I got the first coat up and I'm still covered in khaki paint 2 showers later.

I can't wait to have the house back. It's exhausting having strangers coming and going all day everyday. I just want it to be done!

Outside, some cleaning, then pH rehearsal. What are you doing today?


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  1. Just finished painting the kitchen and den it took me 2 weeks and I thought I would never get the paint out from under my nails. Kitchen closes tomorrow for the rest of the week in order for the counters etc. to be installed will have a house full of workers and a mess. The people painting the LR and DR wanted to start tomorrow also. I said wait a week or two, one project at a time.