Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 1 - July 20, 2009

Today is the first day of my self-imposed sabbatical. It may seem crazy to be "taking time off" when so many are being forced out of work, but the rat race was making ME crazy and so here I am...six months of Scraping By money saved to sustain me and a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams and projects to finally work on. It's actually kind of a good time, with so many friends out of work, I have a whole network of "day time" friends to collaborate with on some of my projects! Plus, it's rather gauche to overspend on anything these I'm kind of able to say I'm living "green" or "lean" or simplified...or just poor.

I'm sharing my days on sabbatical with the world - or the one or two friends or family members who feign interest - because I think taking some time off to really think about what is important to you is well, important.

Too often people settle for what their life is...I just refuse to do that. I was bored, I was very unhappy and I was resentful that I wasn't doing what I wanted to be doing. I realize I'm not alone - and that many, many, many people simply cannot just fly by the seat of their pants and quit their day jobs...however this blog isn't about running away from work, it's about running to the work you actually want to do. I don't believe in sitting around eating bonbons...I believe in dedicating the appropriate amount of time and energy to my own personal business endeavors, instead of some horrible conglomerate's business endeavors.

Here's a list of things I'll be working on while on my sabbatical...which I hope to rename something less temporary than "sabbatical" once I find a way to make any money doing some of the following:

1) Edit children's book I wrote nearly 10 years ago and work with neighbor on illustration.

2) Write my one woman show and try to produce it...

3) Write sketches for GayCo show that I will be in this fall.

4) Get an agent.

5) Get in shape.

6) Learn to live with less.

7) Learn to become a gourmet cook with a limited budget.

8) Focus on improv troupe (pH Productions) and make them a lot of money writing kick-ass grants.

9) Sustain my brand as a web strategist by leveraging social media and creating stellar marketing campaigns for the Fall GayCo show and my own show.

10) Take better care of myself and my family.

Day One Snapshot:

Awoke: 7:30
Met husband at the train with dog.
Walked dog, fed dog.
Made coffee.
Started this blog.
Made list of other items to do today:
1. Edit Louisa and the Circle of Hugs(C). [Update: Done! 11:15]
2. Work out (bike ride) [Update: Decided to do Windsor Pilates instead...As Seen on TV! and not out of the DVD box in probably 2 years!]
3. Grocery Store [Update: List, done!]
4. Prep for audition at Second City (update/print resume, find headshots).
5. Audition at Second City.

Hope you might join me on this adventure (which will surely have its ups and downs).


  1. If you want to test any of your gourmet cooking on me, I will be happy to eat it for you. ;)

  2. Good for you, Michelle! Good luck on this new adventure.

  3. Michelle,
    What an adventure! I hope your sabbatical brings you happiness, peace and lots of success. Does this mean you might be available during the day while we are in Chicago for a visit? Would love to see you and Rob!