Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 - Laundry and Writing

Unload dishwasher. Check.
Sort laundry. Check.
Do three loads of laundry. (In process).
Brew coffee and eat very last homemade cinnamon roll from freezer. time!

So as you all know, I've left my corporate job to pursue writing, acting, etc. You probably also know that I am hoping to keep my hand in by doing some part time or short term web consulting. This means my resume is posted and that occasionally throughout the day I am contacted by various recruiters for positions that they think I would be a good fit for. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these recruiters think my goal in life should be to sell insurance. (One year at an Agency overseeing a web redesign and launch and apparently, I am an expert insurance salesperson.) Many of these calls are from the same company - just different "team leaders" duking it out for my short term disability selling prowess. They often lead with the fact that they have a particularly popular (annoying?) poultry mascot, and wouldn't I like to be a part of that?

Not really, although I know people who are very happy working for this poultry mascot. They often report on it on their Facebook status. I also know that person is extremely successful, I just wonder what our resumes have in common? Ten years of web design, information architecture, online marketing and content management = your neighborhood broker?

However, I would gladly do a commercial for Allstate. I waited in line for the bathroom at the Ivy with Dennis Haysbert and wow, was he suave! He's about 6'5 and extremely well-groomed. He was very gentlemanly and his booming voice is even more stimulating in person.

Occasionally I run into some really awesome recruiters who understand what my goals are and understand the kind of value I actually have to offer a company. These people are awesome and work very hard to make both their clients and candidates happy. I'd tell you who they are...but I don't want to share them!

Does anyone else get completely bizarre calls for jobs that are in no way on their radar or even in line with their resume?

So along the same lines as yesterday - in a life when your days don't have much really have to implement a structure in order to be productive.

I have loosely broken out each week days activities and focus:

Monday: Chores (obviously this Monday that sort of fell to the wayside)
Tuesday: Completely devoted to pH. We have our Grand Opening Gala coming up and of course my duties as Grant Writer also mean working on various items for the group. Plus rehearsal and the additional Leadership meeting and my day is pretty much booked up. (
Wednesday: Completely devoted to GayCo, another ensemble I am involved. Today's agenda are that pesky marketing calendar I have been procrastinating about and writing a couple of sketches.
Thursday: Chores again, mostly of the "special project" variety. Things like cleaning out the silverware drawer and organizing the utensils. Also - more of a relaxing day.
Friday: Often a show day - so I tend to lay low, but read a ton of newspapers and web articles to be on top of current events.
Saturday & Sunday: For shows, additional rehearsals and fun only.

FYI: Insurance sales recruiters need not call. Unless it's Dennis Haysbert.

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  1. you do get some strange employment options when you are onlin I had a brokrage (SP?) firm try to contract me and want to train me to sell investment opportunies to people I guess I dont have dad salesman ship in me because I thought I would be terrible at that job and oh yeah they wanted me to pay for the training school and the licence.... crazy.