Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today I am Baking a Cake

Because I can. Because it's cheap and fun and I can do that somewhat quietly. And because I never had time to do stuff like that before.

From scratch too people.

I also have to work on some more marketing stuff for an upcoming show I'm in...if we could only agree on a title! It's hard to get started without a TITLE! I really like Leave It, It's Beaver. But we'll see.

Worrying about money after paying all of my bills this morning and watching the account trickle down. Still have a few months before it gets scary...but not use to that!

Wish me luck with the cake. I usually can't get them even and the top layer ends up sliding off and smushing into the cake dome.

Oh - for any better the cable man came yesterday at 1:04 and stayed until 3:45. It was extremely annoying! Then the contractors showed up. It sucks to have people in your house when you don't feel good. Today just contractors and not until later this afternoon.

I must bake now.


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  1. when you pour the batter in the cake pan keep it higher at the sides and a little lower in the middle since the sides cook faster than the middle it tends to come out more even also if it comes out with a dome like middle you can take and run dental floss across the top of the pan and it will cut the cake straigt across hope these tips help