Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 2 Day 2

I am a hypocrite.

No doubt about it. I quit my corporate job because I wanted more for myself. So why don't I have an OUNCE of sympathy (or interest) in why T.R. Knight quit Gray's Anatomy (a show I haven't watched since Season 1, mainly due to the ridiculous amount of pouting faces). He left a three-year $14 million contract because he thought his character was not given much of a plot line.

There are times to take your show on the road my friends, and times to take the money and run - back to your trailer. To do a sick amount of online shopping.

Now I keep reminding myself that I left a very well paid position to pursue a life more fulfilling...but, seriously, is it the same? Oh no! It is a little. So I feel like now I'm one of those whiny people. Add "practice pout face" to my list of things to do today.

Okay, next subject. As I sift through "work at home" and "part time writing" opportunities, I continually come across these weird jobs where apparently you're suppose to deposit these huge checks into your bank account and then send them to other people. Okay, so how many alarms go off? First, you of course have to give them your banking info to "deposit" money - which I doubt if any transactions actually proceed in that direction, and then, even if they did, you're laundering money, correct? Perhaps I didn't understand fully grasp all of the concepts on the Sopranos, but I'm pretty much certain that that's not an up and up way of doing business. Has anyone else seen these? I wonder how many desperate people have fallen for this? It's despicable!

Need to rest so I can make to rehearsal tonight - plus the cable man is coming! (Conveniently between 1 and 4 - any betters out there?).


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