Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2!

Hello friends! It is Day 2 and so far my day has been fairly interesting in both domestic and career fronts.

First, my dog decided to not complete a "business" transaction which meant tossing the morning schedule for a butt bath and de-pooping session. Ha! You think it's gross to read about? I had to actually deal with it!

Second, an old boss (quite high up) asked for a little assistance in connecting with someone. Ah, social media - you are such a powerful creature. I was very happy to pass on his name and glad that I could help. It's just funny how one day you're a lowly contractor, the next you can help someone out in (very) high places.

Today's agenda (thrown off a little):

GayCo Fall Show Marketing Calendar and Brainstorm graphics ideas for show.
Target (yikes - without disposable income - terrifying!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Sketch Writing (at the beach)
Grant Writing Meeting(?)
pH Rehearsal (Ride bike there so I get some much needed exercise)

Update on yeserday's events:

I had an audition but when I got there and saw the show dates I had 2 conflicts so I didn't end up going in. However, I did run in to one of my old castmates from Rx Rated and he is also focusing on his acting career now. We agreed to set up a time during the day - natch! - to write/talk improv, comedy, etc.

A little advice to anyone else on sabbatical:

1) Structure your day.
2) Do NOT and I mean do NOT turn on the TV for any reason. I just wasted 30 minutes watching some family clear their house of antiques and sell them at auction so that they could buy a big screen TV. They would have been better off keeping the antiques and riding their bikes around town looking for more crap.
3) Procrastination still exists even in la la land. (Crap.) Bite the bullet and do the things you least enjoy first. (Like writing a marketing plan - yuck!)

Even without the absolute dread of going to a job I don't like, it is still hard for me to get up in the morning. I usually stay up until about 1 or so and often can't sleep through the night. But I can't justify sleeping in when I'm not really taking a break from anything.

Also, I find myself fighting some sort of cold/flu thing and I wonder - how does someone with no 9-5 job take a "sick day" without coming off as a sloth?

Now I know why Stephen King still makes himself write 8 hours a day. Well done creepy and imaginative rich guy, well done.

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