Monday, February 22, 2010

40 Drinks in 40 Days - My Lenten Challenge

So - you can tackle Lent many ways. Give up stuff. Do stuff. Give stuff. Ignore stuff. Or any combination of these things.

This year, Rob and I are trying "40 Drinks in 40 Days". That is the total number of alcoholic beverages we can consume over the Lenten season. My mother is reading this and judging us. But, I would like to point out that St. Patrick's Day falls during this time period, and in Chicago, it is an all day sporting event.

Since last Wednesday I have had one Dark and Stormy (Friday), one beer (@ Wilde Pug for Mickey's birthday - you have to buy something to hang out with your dog there for an extended period of time) and one glass of wine (Saturday night dinner). See how this works?

This weekend should be challenging because we have 2 events 1) a Bull's game (don't think I'll have more than two there...are you aware of the ridiculous cost of a Miller Lite at any professional sporting event?) 2) a good friends' homecoming party. He was halfway around the world. That is a 5 drink allotment, minimum.

We actually have a tally sheet on our fridge:

And less than a week in, we've already found ways to "cheat". Order doubles. Order "Ladies" drinks. Order "talls". Select "Large Format" beers. If you drink wine, get someone to refill the glass before it is empty, that is still one drink. Yeah, I know - kind of lame that we're not really trying to challenge ourselves that much.

But it is interesting to actually keep tabs on consumption of any kind. As Americans we're not just known for our loud patriotic cheering, we're also known for our fat asses. I for one am tired of having one of those - and have been paying close attention to what I eat, and now what I drink.

I'll keep you posted, one drink at a time.



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