Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Time!

Getting back in the improv saddle tonight! I had about 3 weeks off and I'm feeling a little rusty - which usually can work in my favor. I might able to parlay this nervous energy and excitement I have to get back on stage with my fellow pHers into some fun tonight.

I have several pre-show, show day rituals.

1) Eat light - usually a dinner type lunch then no dinner ("Always go on stage hungry." - Sally Anderson)
2) Work out. Helps me to feel confident about my body. In a show called pHetish, you never know what you'll end up doing.
3) Listen to a special mix.
4) Crossword puzzle. You'll never believe how often this helps to pull random crap out of thin air.
5) Leave early to get some "people" time. Helps to create new characters, ideas.

Ah. So come see what all of this amounts to!


pHRENZY - 8 PM StudioBe 3110 Sheffield (Rated PG)
pHETISH - 12 AM StudioBe 3110 Sheffiled (Rated R)

All shows BYOB.

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