Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shut It Spoil Sports!

Good grief. Is anyone else getting sick of Evgeni Plushenko? How about Katherine Heigl? What about the Canadian fans that were so rude they made a Danish curler cry?

Do any of these people, wait, scratch that, these people CLEARLY DON'T know how good they have it.

First up Plushenko. You are a very sore loser. You lost, now take some deep breaths and return to retirement. Did you watch your performance yet? Your jumps, although impressive attempts, were not landed perfectly and that, my commrade, is what it takes to win gold. You get points for difficulty, but you don't win when you aren't the best sweetie.
Your choreography was choppy, and frankly, you looked ridiculous. It reminded me of the awkward rock and roll routines of Viktor Petrenko - only without with the charm - and he lands his jumps. Please shut up and go away. I'm sure someone would be happy to buy your silver medal off eBay if you don't want to keep it, spoil sport.
Do you want to get some McDonalds?

Dearest Katherine. If Grey's Anatomy is such a crappy place to work, do yourself a favor and quit. Stop pussy-footing around it. Just quit. The "she might quit" rumors are tiresome, and nobody is watching anymore anyway! But as long as the show still airs, there are millions of actresses chomping at the bit for a chance (including me). Go do your horrible anti-feminist movies (so IRONIC Katherine, after your very public criticism of Knocked Up - the very vehicle that put you on the map).
No one likes it when a work colleague (try thinking of it that way sweetheart) takes time off to bond with baby (3 months), comes back to film a handful of episodes and then plans to leave again to film a movie. Then on top of everything you WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT THE HOURS. Last time I checked, a paycheck that looks like yours requires a lot beyond the typical 9-5.
Now, if you're so tired, go lay down and take a nap.

Hey Canadians - I didn't forget about you! I get it. You're super excited, eh, about curling and just being the Olympic host, eh? I get it. However - try educating yourself on proper spectator behavior for sports that may be new to you. I'd hate to see the wrath you'd get on a golf course with this type of rambunctious display. That said, I'm cutting you a break. After all, you did come up with "Eh, oh, Canada!" Which is just funny.
Sore-ee uh-boat -that Canada.

Plus - your Country has the most sportsmanlike and poised athlete at the Olympics.

In this Olympic season, can we all try to remember what we do have - and try to show some grace and poise under pressure. Case in point: Joannie Rochette. Her mom just died, and yet she only became more focused, more grateful for the opportunity, more appreciative of her fans and the gift she has. I bet you'd never hear her complaining about outcomes, hours or even raising her voice. If gold medals could be awarded for grace, Joannie would be at the top of the podium.



  1. Sweet Jesus, that Plushie dude is the sorest loser of them all. Did you see his website?!? He listed his medal as platinum instead of silver. What a baby. Please, go away. No one really cares about you anyway.

  2. Reminds of Nancy Kerrigan not knowing she was mic'ed bitching about the silver medal and Baiul's crying - later moaning during the Disney parade. There's somehting to be said about grace.