Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weight Plateau

I was dropping it like it was hot! But then I stopped. Goal is about 10-15 lbs away and I've hit a brick wall.

Trying to shake up the work out - elliptical not exactly getting boring, still having fun, but not seeing the results like I was before - and not burning up the calories the way it use to. I stay on for a long time (sometimes 2 hours - 4 sessions) to burn the # of calories I want.

Today I'm trying: Eating more calories (to kick up metabolism) and YBB + Elliptical.

Eating healthy and exercising is very rewarding - wish I had always felt this way...then it wouldn't be as hard to get to where I would like to be. But being healthy is giving me a lot more confidence, especially when I am performing - and with improv you never know where you or your body are going to end up.

One thing that is really motiviating is working out to really great music. What songs pump you up?

Some of my current faves:

Listen to my fave Pandora station if you like.


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