Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sun, sun, su-uuuhhh-un...Song Sell-Outs


Lately, as I listen to Pandora, reels of commercials get played inside my head alongside the music. Is there a song left that isn't shecking Toyota Prius, Wheat Thins, iAnything?

Remember when it was considered a faux pas to lend your artisitic creations to the "man"? It seems that there isn't a song on today that doesn't have an accompanying marketing message strolling through the sub-conscience of my mind.

Here is a list of songs playing this hour on Pandora and their accompanying ads:

5 Years Time (Noah and the Whale): Saturn Vue, SunChips, Ford Focus, Cheerios...
Somewhere Only We Know (Keane): Victoria's Secret; Many TV promos and Movie montages
Point of View (Ivy): Not this song, but practically every song off Apartment Life has been used.
Here's Where the Story Ends (The Sundays): Not this one, but Wild Horses sold Budweiser.
Karma Police (Radiohead): Only used in the documentary about them, Meeting People is Easy.
There She Goes (Sixpense None the Richer) [Thumbs down]: Parent Trap, Girl, Interrupted...
We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye (Toni Price): Nothing. Classy!
Portrait of an Artist (Lizzie West): Not this, but a killer version of Chariots Rise in Secretary.
Island in the Sun (Weezer): Beaches Family Resorts and crappy movies.
Falling (Ben Kweller): Natch! Only an episode of Austin City Limits.

It's not that I'm against anyone marketing themselves (I Read Michelle's Blog!), I just think it's kinda sad that the first time I hear songs, it's not often a radio DJ introducing it, MTV, or a weekend hit show. It's usually a commercial.

But then again, radio is not what it use to be. Check out my buddy's blog on the subject - specifically, Songs WXRT Should Stop Playing.


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  1. I saw this article today and it reminded me of your post above.