Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Officemate is Kind of a D.B.

So there is this dude I work with.

That's him. We have to share an office. As you can see he has some hygiene issues. He's clean, but seriously, has the guy ever SEEN a comb? He takes horrible phone messages too. You should see the shit he writes. He is always happy to share my lunch with me, but he never brings anything. He never refills the paper in the copier or makes coffee. He's kind of an asshole.

This is after I told him he needed to go outside to do his business. I guess he was mad.

Good thing I don't like to keep Christmas themed stuffed animals after the holidays. Not sure what I could do anyway. He doesn't care when he gets in trouble. What a douche.

I was busy trying to drum up business all day.
He just stared at me.

You should have seen how drunk he got at our company holiday party. That's our IT guy trying to talk him down.

Dude did he get sick on the couch? Gross.

He's so dumb. This is what he considers "Business Casual."

He kept saying it was "BEES"niss Casual.
I hate him.

But I'm stuck with him. I guess it could be worse...

Who is the worst person you ever had to share workspace with?

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  1. I had one really bad coworker once. who belched constantly and I do mean loud and gross. It was so bad that we suggested she see a DR. She just thought it was funny. She was far from ladylike no excuse me or anything just wow that was a good one. who beer belches in the workplace. I guess I should be thankful that it was coming out of her mouth rather than her A**. she was just so disgusting. I dont miss working in a cubicle. at least with the job I have now I am alone in my little office not much bigger than a cubicle but room for my mini fridfe, toy box for the kids and a door that shuts when I want privacy.