Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jeans with "Stretch" Should Come with a Warning

Stretching is a good thing. Good when you first wake up. Good to keep your joints healthy and loose. Good on Thanksgiving. Good when you first zip up jeans from the dryer.

However, the goodness gets, ahem, stretched thin, when after wearing jeans for about half an hour they are nearly two sizes larger than when they first went on.

Case in point. Bought some jeans. Pulled them on the first time, fitted and no muffin top - choice! Unfortunately, every five minutes I felt a little "give" until finally I was pulling them up. They became SO stretched out they feel like sweat pants. So I slept in them.

Look at that stretch!!!

Never thought I'd be one of those people looking for "skinny" jeans without any stretch, but I think I might. Denim stretches eventually anyway...but this is ridiculous. You think it's some ploy by the manufacturer to trick people into thinking that they are smaller than they really are? According to this I am a child's medium.

This guy needs a little more stretch in his pants...but he likes to stretch. You can watch him.

Have a good day, and may your pants only give out when you're ready.

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